Reneé Bish was born and raised in South Africa, living close to the Kruger National Park. As her family had privileged access to the park it was here that, from an early age, she learned to love wildlife in its various forms, and to become very comfortable in its presence. Coming from a background in nursing and then design, she has found many ways to utilize her expertise to further her passions for nature, conservation and travel. Apart from wildlife encounters Reneé is fascinated by the infinite ways various traditional cultures have integrated designs into their everyday way of life.

An ardent conservationist and inspired by her journeys, Reneé recognizes the great value in experiencing these wild places first hand. Her hope is that anyone embarking on a new expedition should come away with a greater understanding and appreciation of the area, becoming one more voice of advocacy in the growing throng of conservationists. Presently, Reneé leads a private channel of earthquake relief-effort. Her aim is to help the local communities, now destitute, who have been working over the years with a marine conservation NGO on the coast of Ecuador.