JAMI Tarris

Jami grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania and has an educational background in Psychology. As a young girl, she spent most of her time outdoors and has always loved nature and wildlife.  With a passion for animals and a fascination with their behavior, she fell in love with nature photography and started photographing wildlife and landscapes full-time as a professional nature photographer. She has been photographing for over 30 years.

Jami’s work focuses on conservation issues, endangered species and fragile landscapes. She travels all over the world working on projects that contribute to the awareness of current conservation issues.  She has published in books, calendars, magazines and newspapers worldwide. Her work has been featured in National Geographic, Africa Geographic, Geo Germany, Geo Saison, Outside magazine, BBC, Nature’s Best, WWF, National Wildlife Federation, Ranger Rick, Focus, Stern,The Guardian, The Telegraph and many more.  She has won awards in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the Windland Smith Nature’s Best and the National Wildlife Foundation competitions. Her images have been exhibited in museums such as the Smithsonian Institute, London’s Natural History Museum, and the Natural History Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.