Dancing Boobies


I certainly didn’t know that boobies dance. But they do! How does one learn something like this? Well. You have to come to the Galapagos Islands and see for yourself!!

I have been sailing around the Galapagos Islands leading this trip for almost two weeks with an amazing group of people and one of our partners in crime at Focus Expeditions, Pete Oxford.

Our naturalist guide Carolina is teaching us about the natural and historical wonders of each island.  As for me, I am mesmerized by the natural history and by the incredible land and marine animals that I am photographing every day.

We are traveling the islands on a gorgeous sailboat called the S/S Mary Anne. This has been our home for the last few weeks:


The Galapagos islands are ideal for boobies in all of their glory!!!! We think we have seen them until we come here! Just the other day, I spotted my first dancing booby. The booby that I am referring to is commonly known as a blue-footed booby and is indigenous to the Galapagos . This booby hopped from one big blue-foot to the other blue-foot flapping his webbed feet in a comical dance.



Blue-footed boobies are special but they are not the only boobies here in the Galapagos.  Red-footed boobies and Nazca boobies also call the Galapagos home. So many boobies. So little time.

~ Jami Tarris